Denim Inspiration



Forever 21 Crop Top // Urban Outfitters Jeans // Hot Topic Hat // Timberland Boots

I’ve been sort of MIA these last few weeks, traveling home and working, working, working!!! This week my OOTW is back, finally!

This is a crop I got months ago from Forever 21, Jeans from Urban Outfitters, thrifted denim button up, Hot Topic hat, and my chestnut Timbs. You can click the links to where I got my things above and recreate your own look!

Happy Shopping :)

Kimono Krazed


floralrobe1 Kimono Wrap Dress // Rebecca Minkoff Shoes *SALE* $118.00


Today’s outfit of the week is via, a UK based online site.  I am OBSESSED with this Kimono dress which sadly, doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the site anymore, BUT there are plenty of awesome pieces that they carry. You can find kimono cardigans (another chic way to do kimono) and all sorts of dresses, street wear pieces, and even bathing suits. They offer free shipping on all U.S. orders (however, you will get charged a small fee when your package goes through customs.)

Remember since it’s a UK site, the sizing is different–if you’re a medium, you’ll probably want a Size 10, and smalls are usually size 8.

I also went ahead and attached the link directly to my Rebecca Minkoff shoes above, that are on sale!


Happy Shopping :)

Cava Nostalgia: My at-Home How-to


Alright, so for those of you who have been with me since the beginning, when Teeny Avo was merely a start-up food blog, you may recall the post ‘A True Cava Lovah’ in which I profess my undying love for Cava Mezze Grill. Cava is a “Chipotle-style” Mediterranean grill, where you go down a line and pick from various sauces, meats, and veggies you want to create your rice bowl or salad bowl with. Unfortunately, Cava is ONLY located in the D.C., Maryland, and Virgina area (AGAIN, TAKE THIS AS A PLEA TO THE CAVA CEO, WHOM EVER YOU ARE, OPEN MORE PLEASE!)

I’m heading home in a few weeks….and then I finally take a trip to the Whole Foods in Lexington, Kentucky a few days ago, and stumble upon, quite possibly the most amazing thing…Cava Mezze’s line of Hummus, Harissa, and Tzatziki dips! I don’t know what I was more stunned about? That I saw “Cava Mezze” going across the packaging or the fact that the Harissa (my favorite) was a steep $5.99 (that good, they have to hike up the price huh.)

In order to save money I decided I would recreate my favorite restaurants rice bowl dish, splurging on the Cava dips and buying the rest of the ingredients from Trader Joes.


You’ll need a:

Large Dollop of Cava Mezze Roasted Garlic Hummus Dip (bought at Whole Foods)

Large Dollop of Cava Mezze Harrisa (bought at Whole Foods)

Large Dollup of Trader Joes Cilantro and Chive Yogurt Dip

As much Trader Joes Crumbled Mediterranean Feta as you want

1 packet of Trader Joes Organic Jasmine Rice

1 packet of Trader Joes Organic Quinoa

Red Onion (not pictured–& as much as you want)

Trader Joes Chicken Samosas (not pictured)

Trader Joes Pre-Cooked Turkey Meatballs

1 Lemon

1 Teaspoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil drizzled at the end


So I figured out that I didn’t really enjoy the meatballs as much with this as I thought I would. This is your personal preference. I found Trader Joes’ Chicken Samosas to go best with it. I also recommend you be careful with the Harissa (IT’S HOT!!!!!) A little red onion gives it a nice kick as well.


…..Let me know what you think :)


Prada N’ Pink





Baby Spice Romper in Pink $20.99 // Prada Sunnies $290 // Fringe Crossbody $39.98 // Stilla Platform Wedge $41.30//

Time for some “outfit Monday fun day!” This week I’m dishing on my new favorite romper and some killer Prada sunnies. I scored this light pink “Baby Spice” romper from Bluetique located on 235 Woodland Avenue in Lexington, Kentucky (don’t fear, you can order online! when you click the links above.) The best part of my buy is that the romper was on sale, and who can resist a good sale? Especially when you have to splurge $290 on the Prada sunnies (but well-worth the splurge, I promise!) I am obsessed with these “Baroque” sunnies which you can find above or at any Sunglass Hut location. This is a super comfy day look accented by my Stilla Platform Wedges that are seriously the most comfortable shoes I’ve found in a long time! And for all my fellow “Francesca’s fiends,” lucky for you, my fringe bag above is on sale! It’s genuine leather and goes with ANYTHING.

This week I’ve made a change to my OOTW’s. You can now click the links above which will take you DIRECTLY to the items I have on in the photo for easier shopping. Just so everyone knows, the links are in pink above.

…Enjoy :)

#GIRLBOSS in Training!


So this week I took the plunge and began my… #GIRLBOSS in training! For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s the book everyone’s been buzzing about, written by Nasty Gal founder and CEO, Sophia Amoruso. Sophia tells the story of her early life as a teen outsider and a bit of a petty theft “McGuyver.” She didn’t exactly take your “typical” route to get to where she is today. From going job to job to operating “Nasty Gal Vintage” on Ebay, while maintaining a warehouse out of her home, Sophia’s story is one of ambition, tireless work, obstacles, and instinct. I don’t want to give too much away, but I haven’t been able to put the damn book down!  Within the first 5 chapters she has already managed to inspire me to be great, to be focused, to fail, and to take chances!

“A #GIRLBOSS is in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it.”


{Image taken from #GIRLBOSS}

You get to see all sorts of awesome photos of the rebel herself, Sophia, from childhood to her winding road to boss life.

…and it’s a New York Times Best Seller!…


Go ahead and buy it so we can all be #GIRLBOSS ‘s together!
Buy the Book Here

Delecia Segree: the Fierce Fashion Mind Behind “Style De La Creme”


It’s “Women Crush Wednesday” on Teeny Avo which means lots of Chanel, color, and fierceness provided to you by the Style De La Creme herself, Delecia Segree. The 31 year old fashionista behind the blog, Style De La Creme, is blessing the streets of New York with her chic and edgy style. She has fashion sense that’s all her own which caught my eye on her blog. The site follows her personal style journey and events going on in the fashion world. Delecia shows you different ways to style a piece and puts her fabulous closet to good use, inspiring her readers. Her and I got to chatting this week and she gave me the 411 behind the blog and how it all came together. Check out our interview below.


Delecia, tell me what was the motive behind starting Style De La Creme?

StyleDeLaCreme was started as a way to personally document what I felt was my unique fashion sense. I know the term “unique” is subjective but I think if anyone were to browse my blog, you’ll see an array of different looks (most notably mixing prints). I also wanted to challenge myself to be more creative. By that I mean, forcing myself to create multiple looks out of one item – which inspired my Outfit Builder series. I found that I was shopping without a cause and ended up with a closet full of items that didn’t make sense. Now I try to consider the CPW (Cost Per Wear) of every item I purchase. If I can encourage readers to develop a similar mindset, I know they’ll also find great value in the Outfit Builder series which shows creative ways to extend the life of an item and do so more fashionably.





You have such a unique and chic sense of style! Whom or what inspires you when you’re getting ready in the morning?

I’ve had to think long and hard about what and who inspires me and I can never narrow it down. I try to maintain different aesthetics so the silhouettes of my looks are always different. I appreciate the very pretty feminine looks but I think I dart more on being edgy. I love being able to wear a Michelle Obama look ( think A-Line Dresses) and transition to wearing leather leggings with sequins. I think great.



Chanel, Loubs, Louis, Prada….what is your most prized possession in your well-stocked closet?

My most prized possessions are my Chanel bags.


What trends have you been following this season?

I’ve really tried to make a conscious effort to move away from following trends. My focus lately has been to invest in timeless pieces that are recurring season after season.

I really love the mixture of prints and colors I see consistently throughout your posts. Do you have a favorite outfit you’ve styled yourself in on the blog?

I have a couple favorite looks on the blog that don’t involve prints. Since you mentioned mixed printing, my favorite look is the one entitled “One Look: 3 Printss” that I featured back on Nov 12, 2012. When I mix prints, I take a very methodical approach in making sure a print is supported or connected to another element in the entire look. This particular look….people either loved it or hated it…..they either got it or they didn’t. The entire outfit was centered on the polka dot pants, and I paired the mustard elements (shoes and top) to go with the hunter green pants. The addition of burgundy complimented both green and mustard. Some looks aren’t easily replicable by the average person but fashion is sometimes supposed to make a person think. That’s what creativity is all about.


What are some of your favorite places to shop?

I used to say my favorite places were H&M & Zara. But I find a lot greater value in shopping NYC sample sales. I’m all about quality and differentiated pieces. The best sample sale I shopped was the Monika Chiang sample sale this past March where I stumbled upon a leather body suit for only $65. My other faves include Helmut Lang, Alice & Olivia, Theory and DV. Nothing beats the ability to get designer pieces at a fraction of the cost

What advice can you offer my readers or fellow bloggers out there about running a successful blog and building a following!?

I think that’s the million dollar question. I’m sure we’ve all seen the success of the bigger bloggers who are fortunate enough to transform their blog into a career working with major brands. I’ve experienced the frustration of not gaining enough followers or my blog not taking off the way I had hoped. Consequently, I took an entire year off from blogging right after I started because life happened (got married, started school, moved into a new home, decorated, etc) and at the end of it all, I missed my creative outlet. Now I blog simply because I derive real pleasure from pushing my creative mind and creating great outfits that I know people will enjoy seeing. Blog for the love and the passion, stay consistent, engage other bloggers and the following will come.

Connect with Delecia
Style De La Creme

Sheer to Chic




Black Market Cover-Up // Shoe Dazzle Shoes // Rebecca Minkoff Swing Bag // Dolce and Gabbana Sunnies

Today’s post is about my new favorite in boutique in Lexington, Kentucky…Black Market! Located on 516 East High Street, you can find tons of unique goodies in there. Interning at a magazine this summer, I went on a garment pull for an upcoming photo shoot and discovered this place. Of course I couldn’t leave without buying something on the job! I wear this sheer cover-up constantly! Whether I’m throwing it over top of black jeans and a tank, a bathing suit, or in this case a crop and shorts (crop via Forever 21 and shorts from the local Goodwill) it adds to the outfit. You can dress it down or dress it up!…I also paired 2 of my favorite accessories…*drumroll please* another RM bag and my favorite Dolce sunnies! Links to where you can find my outfit are above.

Happy Shopping :)