Black on Black: Streetwear Chic




Forever 21 Mesh Crop Top //H&M Leggings// Dolce and Gabbana Sunnies

After a long blogger hiatus, Monday’s Outfit of the Week is back in full swing! In honor of the fast approaching fall season this post an ode to my seasonal favorite:  leggings and boots. I really loved this jersey crop with mesh arms, I found at Forever 21. I went ahead and paired it with my favorite high-waisted leggings, ShoeDazzle boots and accessorized with gold hoops and my Dolce and Gabbana sunnies.  Links to where you can find these pieces and similar ones are above.

Happy fall shopping, fashionistas :)


Summer Staple Pieces



Francesca’s Tank // Ray Ban Aviators // Stilla Platform Wedge

This weeks outfit features some of my favorite transitional pieces I’ve worn this summer. My Francesca’s “Team Spirit Tank” in white, Ray Ban classic aviators, and my brown Stilla wedges. You can’t go wrong with a flowy tank (which you can pair with a skirt or even jeans.) These wedges I’ve blogged about before are still comfy and they “Stilla” go with EVERYTHING  :) I also love these classic Ray Ban aviators that are simple and chic. This light blue lens adds a pop of color!

Links to where you can get my staple pieces are above.


Happy Shopping :)


Tutu Glam




Francesca’s Tutu //

Today’s Outfit of the Week is my Carrie Bradshaw inspired “Tutu Glam” ensemble. I got this tutu from Francesca’s! I can’t seem to find the exact garment on the website, but I advise my readers to check in store to see if they still have it! You can pair it with a denim shirt, a tank…anything really! Who doesn’t love the intro to Sex and the City where Carrie is twirling around the chaotic streets of New York city in her white tutu!?


{Photo taken from Google Search}


Happy Shopping :)

Are you Ticklefish? The 411 on the Fish-y-Cure

How about putting your feet on the menu for some tiny toothless Carp? I’m referring to the Fish-y-Cure craze happening around the globe. A girlfriend and I decided to try it out when we got a Groupon for Yvonne’s Salon and Day Spa in Arlington, Virginia. When we arrived we were told to pick a color then submerge our feet in one of the 4 tanks filled with skin eating Carps, imported from Turkey.



The girls before us were caught in a giggle rage, which had me worried, being that I’m incredibly ticklish. At first, it’s the weirdest soft tickle feeling, almost hard to explain…I described it as a “ticklefish” feeling. After about 5-6 minutes, it starts to feel good like a soft back and forth touch, massage-like. They’re actually quite cute and every time someone walked past the tank they would scurry away then come back to my feet. After we had our 20 minutes of the Fish-y-Cure, we got a regular mani/pedi. My feet still feel soft as I’m typing this morning. I can definitely feel a difference with the Fish-y-Cure.

According to fish can completely get rid of skin smear and aging cortex. They also can make your pore unobstructed to promote blood circulation. Moreover, they have the function of protecting skin and beautifying face to make your skin healthier and more brilliant.

Now, with that being said, I did my research and found mixed views on the Fish-y-Cure. Some articles have focused on the potential health dangers with going to facilities that do this. Health physicians worry about how clean the water is in between Fish-y-Cure’s and potential bacteria from the feet the fish have been munching on that they could carry.

Though not a huge health risk, it’s recommended that people with compromised immune systems steer clear and that everyone do their research on the salon first.

My experience wasn’t bad and I would recommend trying it out if you can. Right now, if you’re in the D.C. area, Yvonne’s Salon and Day Spa has a Groupon (click link for deal) you can get 20 minutes for $27 (regularly $55) and if you want to get a mani/pedi after, they have that at $49 (including the fish-y-cure, which is a $92 value.) They’re salon was featured on ABC World News.
ABC News | More ABC News Videos

Denim Inspiration



Forever 21 Crop Top // Urban Outfitters Jeans // Hot Topic Hat // Timberland Boots

I’ve been sort of MIA these last few weeks, traveling home and working, working, working!!! This week my OOTW is back, finally!

This is a crop I got months ago from Forever 21, Jeans from Urban Outfitters, thrifted denim button up, Hot Topic hat, and my chestnut Timbs. You can click the links to where I got my things above and recreate your own look!

Happy Shopping :)

Kimono Krazed


floralrobe1 Kimono Wrap Dress // Rebecca Minkoff Shoes *SALE* $118.00


Today’s outfit of the week is via, a UK based online site.  I am OBSESSED with this Kimono dress which sadly, doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the site anymore, BUT there are plenty of awesome pieces that they carry. You can find kimono cardigans (another chic way to do kimono) and all sorts of dresses, street wear pieces, and even bathing suits. They offer free shipping on all U.S. orders (however, you will get charged a small fee when your package goes through customs.)

Remember since it’s a UK site, the sizing is different–if you’re a medium, you’ll probably want a Size 10, and smalls are usually size 8.

I also went ahead and attached the link directly to my Rebecca Minkoff shoes above, that are on sale!


Happy Shopping :)

Cava Nostalgia: My at-Home How-to


Alright, so for those of you who have been with me since the beginning, when Teeny Avo was merely a start-up food blog, you may recall the post ‘A True Cava Lovah’ in which I profess my undying love for Cava Mezze Grill. Cava is a “Chipotle-style” Mediterranean grill, where you go down a line and pick from various sauces, meats, and veggies you want to create your rice bowl or salad bowl with. Unfortunately, Cava is ONLY located in the D.C., Maryland, and Virgina area (AGAIN, TAKE THIS AS A PLEA TO THE CAVA CEO, WHOM EVER YOU ARE, OPEN MORE PLEASE!)

I’m heading home in a few weeks….and then I finally take a trip to the Whole Foods in Lexington, Kentucky a few days ago, and stumble upon, quite possibly the most amazing thing…Cava Mezze’s line of Hummus, Harissa, and Tzatziki dips! I don’t know what I was more stunned about? That I saw “Cava Mezze” going across the packaging or the fact that the Harissa (my favorite) was a steep $5.99 (that good, they have to hike up the price huh.)

In order to save money I decided I would recreate my favorite restaurants rice bowl dish, splurging on the Cava dips and buying the rest of the ingredients from Trader Joes.


You’ll need a:

Large Dollop of Cava Mezze Roasted Garlic Hummus Dip (bought at Whole Foods)

Large Dollop of Cava Mezze Harrisa (bought at Whole Foods)

Large Dollup of Trader Joes Cilantro and Chive Yogurt Dip

As much Trader Joes Crumbled Mediterranean Feta as you want

1 packet of Trader Joes Organic Jasmine Rice

1 packet of Trader Joes Organic Quinoa

Red Onion (not pictured–& as much as you want)

Trader Joes Chicken Samosas (not pictured)

Trader Joes Pre-Cooked Turkey Meatballs

1 Lemon

1 Teaspoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil drizzled at the end


So I figured out that I didn’t really enjoy the meatballs as much with this as I thought I would. This is your personal preference. I found Trader Joes’ Chicken Samosas to go best with it. I also recommend you be careful with the Harissa (IT’S HOT!!!!!) A little red onion gives it a nice kick as well.


…..Let me know what you think :)